The Watermelon Rule (or, What I Learned on Summer Vacation)

I moved to Manhattan this past spring, making this summer my first spent entirely in the city.  I knew a lot would be different – no weeknight whiffle ball, no having to mow the lawn – none of the must-haves for summer in the ‘burbs.  By early June, the realization of this hit me pretty hard, making me wonder: without these quintessential elements would the season even exist?  I mean, besides some subtleties like my apartment transforming into four-room furnace, would anything make the city summer distinct?  The matter was too pressing to leave up to chance. Something had to be done. Continue reading


eating… goodly?

I know – the title’s a little clumsy.  Eating well is what it should be.  And eating well – following all-natural diets, supporting farmers markets, hating corn-syrup, etc – is a lot of what I’ll be writing about.  The thing is, “eating well” has become a pretty loaded term lately, and I’m not sure I’m ready for the baggage. Continue reading

Before we begin…

A couple things:

1. This is a food blog, of which there are many.

2. There won’t be any pictures.  At least, none of the extreme close-up, soft-focus variety that are the real draw to any good food blog.   Sorry, but any endeavor that involves impromptu photo shoots interrupting a meal just isn’t in line with eating goodly (we’ll get to the title later).

3. Above all, this blog is a shameless experiment in narcissism.  I would feel bashful, but then again I don’t intend on anyone actually reading it.  What it comes down to is simple: after 20+ years of virtual obliviousness, I’ve developed an overnight infatuation with food.  Not just a new appreciation – we’re talking an all consuming, job quitting, paradigm shifting obsession. But now as I jump into this new culinary world, I find myself as confused as I am excited.  Hopefully, writing down my thoughts will help me figure out what I’m actually thinking.