I slurp, therefore I am… eating soup.

What is soup?  It’s a question that (not surprisingly) often goes unasked.  But as fate would have it, yesterday three seemingly unrelated events led me to wonder just that.

The first event: I had cereal for breakfast.  No big deal.

The second: I had broccoli rabe for lunch.  I made it by sautéing some garlic and onion, adding the rabe and seasoning, and steaming it all with the addition of chicken stock.  The thing is, either I added too much stock or didn’t steam it long enough, because the finished product was definitely a little wetter than usual.  After eating the veggies with a fork, I was forced to tip the plate and slurp the residual stock (etiquette that I’m sure my roommates appreciated).

The third event: Laura made carrot soup for dinner.  Awesome stuff.  It was delicious, beautifully colored, and – because it was unstrained – had the consistency of applesauce rather than of carrot juice.

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Pumpkin Friday: 2

Happy to be alive, if only momentarily.

Meet Allen, the second in my series of communal pumpkins.  He was out on the corner of Houston and Allen by 9am this morning, so hopefully plenty of people will catch a glimpse before they start their day.  Time will tell if Allen can last longer than Louis did (about 12 hours?), but I’m crossing my fingers.

UPDATE: 9/25

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GMAT Practice: Logic and Boston Market Casseroles

The GMATs are fast approaching, so I thought I’d hit two birds with one stone and practice the writing portion with a blog post.   For one of the essays, you’re asked to analyze the validity of an argument, so why not analyze the validity of an advertisement?  It took me about 30 seconds of browsing through the grocery section of walmart.com to have this beauty pop up:

Here goes.

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No love for wasps?

Just a short post today as I’m busy studying up for next Monday’s GMAT.  A few days ago I was cruising Wikipedia and I found this image on the page for raspberries:

Now I suppose this might be more a reflection on our attitude towards insects rather than food, but isn’t nuisance a pretty loaded word here?  I interpret it one of two ways:

  1. Raspberries find wasps to be a nuisance.
  2. People find wasps’ taste for our raspberries to be a nuisance.

The first interpretation  hinges on what would be a pair of bold decisions on Wikipedia’s part.  First, the site would be conceding that fruits (or at the very least, raspberries) have opinions.  Unlikely, but whatever.  Next, it would be suggesting that raspberries consider the state of having their flesh torn off by razor sharb mandibles and eaten to be “a nuisance”.  This I won’t allow.  Being eating alive by wasps would not just be annoying, it would be horrifying.  And painful.

The second (much more likely) interpretation points towards the center-of-the-universe perception of our society.  It assumes human ownership of the raspberries, and rejects the possibility of sharing without hardship.  Now, consumers may be warming up to more environment-friendly products, but wouldn’t it be interesting if society could completely elevate from its me-first point of view?

How refreshing would it be to see this on that Wikipedia page:

Pumpkin Friday: 1

Well just as planned, this morning was the first in what will hopefully be a weekly routine: hacking a pumpkin to death on my tiny kitchen table.  If you detect an air of gravity in today’s tone compared to last night’s, you’re absolutely right.  I saw a lot this morning.  I learned a lot too, like the importance of following recipes.  And the value of patience.  Regardless, Pumpkin Friday was a resounding success.  Like a Cherokee brave butchering a buffalo, I used every part of my pumpkin.  Waste not, want not.  So after about 2 hours of slicing, gutting, roasting, blending, straining, seasoning, drafting, carving, and cleaning, here’s what I got from my gourde:

  • Over a quart of pumpkin puree
  • A bag of roasted pumpkin seeds (seasoned with pumpkin spice, orange peel, chipotle powder, salt + pepper)
  • A big mug of hot pumpkin juice (surprisingly delicious)
  • And last but not least…

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The Pumpkin Rule!

Can you sense my excitement beaming through every crack of this title?  Exclamation points don’t get thrown around lightly in this blog, but the Pumpkin Rule is easily an exception.


Okay back on point… As you may have guessed, the Pumpkin Rule is autumn’s answer to the Watermelon Rule, which required me to have fresh watermelon on hand at all times.  Now, to get the most out of fall, it’s pumpkin I’ll be eating every day.  I officially bought my first one of the season today, but being that I’ve never actually cooked fresh pumpkin before (you cook it right?) I have my work cut out for me in figuring out how to consume this thing.

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Regressing into fall?

It’s happened: fall is officially here.

Actually it’s not – still another week until the equinox – but my internal calendar has made the switch, and that’s what’s important.  The change had been creeping up slowly these past couple of weeks.  First, access to blueberries grinded to a halt, then I found myself seriously losing interest in the watermelon I had in the fridge (what would be the summer’s last!).  Still, what finally flipped the switch wasn’t the departure of a summer fruit or some other romantic seasonal discovery.  In fact, it may just be the most bastardized recreation of autumnal produce on the market… Continue reading