Pumpkin Friday: 2

Happy to be alive, if only momentarily.

Meet Allen, the second in my series of communal pumpkins.  He was out on the corner of Houston and Allen by 9am this morning, so hopefully plenty of people will catch a glimpse before they start their day.  Time will tell if Allen can last longer than Louis did (about 12 hours?), but I’m crossing my fingers.

UPDATE: 9/25


enjoying the nightlife

As I was walking home from work last night, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city’s imbibed, the last thing I expected to see right in the middle of the action was a still intact Jack-o’-Lantern.  You could imagine my suprise – and delight – when Allen’s stupid smile greeted me on the corner of the street bearing his name.  Sure, his head was a bit askew, but at 1 am on an LES Friday night, who isn’t feeling a little out of their mind?

Still, 1 is far the end of the night – the real benchmark is to make it to morning, and the fact that Allen did is honestly really cool.  If you’re not familiar with the corner of Allen and Houston, it gets mobbed on weekend nights.  Last night’s beautiful weather only upped the insanity.  But even with all the noise, all the partying, and all the drunkenness, not a single person destroyed the sanctity of the pumpkin.  Respect.

Visibly hungover, but still intact!


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