Grand: Dead!


the remains


Just as expected, Grand’s life was cut tragically short.  These pictures were taken at around 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon, giving him what amounts to no more than a 3 hour life span.  Yikes.  Grand’s flame burned bright, but it burned just as quickly.


Honoring the dead with egg sandwiches.


I’m going to assume there was no foul play in the cause of death… but still, there’s no denying the conspicuousness of the couple  pictured here amongst his remains.  Cool and composed, they either haven’t noticed the carnage to their left or simply don’t care.   

Now – thanks to the photojournalism of my roommate – we know that Grand’s body has thankfully not been wasted.  Instead, it proudly stands as a receptacle for empties bottles of cheap vodka and paper refuse.  What better way to pay your respects?


life goes on.



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