The Beer List: Popping the Cap


The Beer Room... take it in.

Of the many gifts life in the Lower East Side has to offer, one of the finest has to be the Beer Room at the Bowery Whole Foods.  It may not be bigger than the average garage, but it is packed with interesting, obscure, and delicious beer from across the globe.  Since moving here, I’ve discovered some fantastic domestic breweries (Southhampton, Southern Tier, and Two Brothers to name a few).  But even though I’ve been trying new stuff, I hadn’t ventured that far from my comfort zone.  At first I’d just get IPAs – my favorite style.  Eventually, I branched out just a little to include some seasonal beers like summer ales and hefeweizens.  Still, I wouldn’t touch lagers (hate them) and wouldn’t even look at the imported stuff (Weihenstephaner?  Say what?).

It was a couple weeks ago that I realized things had to change.  I couldn’t keep living near such a sud-sanctuary and not take advantage of it.  Nor could I keep writing a blog about the joys of eating, keep reading articles about the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, and not put 2 and 2 together.  Something had to be done.


President Barack Obama publicly endorsing my mission.

That something came as a resolution to drink one beer a day.  (There are, after all, definite concerns that come with forced alcohol consumption… holding it to one a day is key).  First and foremost, the beer’s purpose was to be enjoyed – to be experienced, really, as I was sure to be trying things I didn’t like.  But also, I’d use the experiment as an opportunity to learn.  By keeping a log of everything I could about each beer, I’d surely pick up a few things along the way.  I like beer but am in no way a connoisseur, hopefully my plan would expand my knowledge, develop my palate, and (if those articles are true) even add some years to my life.  If not, there have been worse failed experiments than drinking a beer a day.

And so, I present you with week 1 of The Beer List.  I’m still very much a beginner with thinking and writing about beer, so don’t look too much into anything just yet.  Much like Pumpkin Fridays, time will tell just what this project becomes.  Until then, I’ll certainly enjoy the research.

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