Pumpkin Friday: 5

UPDATE: Rivington Lives!

The morning after


freshly carved

My schedule is changing a bit this week thanks to a new job… instead of having Friday morning’s free to carve to my heart’s content, I work.  That means 1 of 2 things has to happen to Pumpkin Friday: I carve the pumpkins on Thursday night, or it just becomes Pumpkin Monday.  I tried the first option this week.

And so, I give you the first of the communal pumpkins carved after dark: Rivington.  Rivington was a combination of ideas from Matt and Laura (my other roommate, Dan, was around but contributed close to nothing).  Matt suggested a monocle and Laura thought it should have a matching mustache.  I know now that monocles and mustaches are both really hard to convey through gourd.  Regardless, I think Rivington came out great and I hope to have pictures soon of his beautiful mug in the daytime light.


After curfew



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