Pumpkin Friday: 6

Suffolk IIX


As I’ve been paying more attention to pumpkin carving lately, I’ve been increasingly amazed by the stuff people are doing out there.  By far the most impressive to me are the ones that aren’t carved so much as sculpted – by using the thick flesh of the pumpkin, artists create three-dimensional creatures.  When done well, the illusion is visually arresting and impossibly cool.  Check out these insane examples: (if you look at them all in succession, it sort of tells a tragic and ultimately disturbing story… sick!)

All things considered, that nose is legit.

Anyway, this Pumpkin Friday I tried my hand at the very daunting task of sculpting an vampire’s face.  After two and a half hours of labor, I found myself more than justified in being intimidated by the project.  Needless to say, I also gained a deeper respect for the work that went into all those masterpieces out there.  I haven’t completely given up on pumpkin sculpting, I just may not wake up early and try to bang one out before work again.  Anyway, enjoy Suffolk IIX!


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