Pumpkin “Friday”: 7

Positively glowing.

Halloween – the Jack o’ Lantern’s bar mitzvah. After a solid month and a half of carving pumpkins, the big day finally came.  In honor, I kept this week’s Elizabeth pretty close to the iconic jack o’ lantern look: scary-yet-happy, lots of triangles, classic.  She’s also the first one to glow, which I think looked awesome.

I put Elizabeth out late night Saturday (Mischief Night).  Due to the circumstances, I wasn’t that confident she’s actually make it to the big day.  When I went to survey the damage Sunday morning, my fears only heightened.  For the entire walk, smashed pumpkins were strewn across the sidewalk.  It was a pumpkin slaughterhouse, and I was sure mine had succumb to the same fate.

Not looking good…

But she hadn’t!  Elizabeth lived to usher in the light of Halloween.  Seeing her in one piece was a real gift, as well as a great culmination of the respect and pseudo-relationship I’d grown with the LES through these pumpkins.

I spent the rest of the day eating Elizabeth’s insides with Laura via delicious pumpkin soup (details to come) and, later, hanging out with friends to watch the parade.  When I got back to the apartment late Sunday night, I saw briefly from my cab window that Elizabeth had endured her fated, high-velocity meeting with the New York City sidewalk, but that’s okay.  I mean, it was a smashed pumpkin on Halloween.  That’s what they’re there for.

*** My friend Joe (also responsible for the Dogfish link) gave me a heads-up to this post on ediblemanhattan.com.  It took me a long time to make the same realization (“wait… pumpkins are food, aren’t they?”) and it’s good to see both the obliviousness and awakening repeated.


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