Purple Kale Salad

I just made a really tasty after-work salad and it led to a couple of important discoveries.  One: purple (in my opinion) is the superior of the kales.  Not only is it awesome to look at, it’s sweeter and makes for better raw eating.  The fact that it’s harder to find sort of sucks, but also adds to its elusive mystique.

The second discovery is a great flavor combination: fennel and pecans.  I have never before seen these two paired, but there was some beautiful synergy happening between the leaves in that salad, and I’m pretty certain the flavors have a wonderful future together.  Stay tuned to see where that leads.

The salad itself was simple and really delicious.  It’s one flaw: no clear-cut protein to make it a meal.  So as you’re looking at the ingredients below, think of what X-Factor could make this dish a little heartier (and share your thoughts, obviously). 

Purple Kale, Fennel, and Pecan Salad

  • Purple Kale
  • fennel
  • granny smith apple
  • toasted pecans
  • dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, plain yogurt**, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon)

** Yogurt is an awesome way to add creaminess to salad dressings (and a multitude of other foods) while keeping them healthy.  The natural tang has worked perfectly with every salad I’ve tried it in so far.


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