Kix, a good source of Irony

Kid tested, New Years resolution approved.

A little over a month ago I vowed (heroically) to give up covert corn. It’s been a struggle (and I must admit my record isn’t spotless), but for the most part it’s forced me to make healthier – or at least more identifiable – decisions.

The weirdness of this little adventure showed itself in a funny and telling way earlier this week, during a late night run to the corner store.  The goal was simple: pick up some cereal that was free of hidden corn.  But of the more than twenty different boxes to choose from, only one fit the bill: Kix.  Crispy Corn Puffs.

Thanks for telling me.

Take another look at that box.  It’s basically a love letter to corn.  Not only is half of it devoted to a giant, gloating ear, the back boasts a “Maize Maze” along with some enlightening “Kernels of Knowledge” (Did you know that corn is grown on every continent of the world except Antarctica?).

Still, for as public as the cereal’s corn devotion is, it’s sweetened by brown sugar and has a surprisingly basic ingredient list.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s corn, straight up.  But it’s as overt as corn can possibly get.

kudos, Kix


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