The Bourgeois Mango

Behold the Manila Mango! At $2 a pop and with edible flesh the size of a cell phone, these little babies are definitely high-end.  After all, that “stringless, creamy-sweet flesh” just don’t come cheap.


The thing is, it actually does.  The picture above was taken at the Whole Foods on Houston.  Walk a half a mile south, though, and you can find the same exact mango (right down to the distributor and product number) for a third of the price.  Magic?  No – Chinatown.

I reached out to Ciruli Brothers (the exclusive distributor of the Champagne Mango, as they call it) to see what gives.  Is the Chinatown a knockoff?  Does Ciruli grade the pricing of their produce based on differences in quality?

My guess is no – I had both mangoes and they were equally delicious.  Seriously, delicious.  I may be corrected, but until then I suggest you head to Chinatown (Mott St. between Grand and Hester) and load up.

Bourgeois no more – this is a mango of the People.


2 comments on “The Bourgeois Mango

  1. Amy Wang says:

    been buying these babies by the box from the asian market since i was a fetus. truth.

  2. Joan Rowett says:

    Good for you Andy! Keep up the good work.

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