Pressing News

Great news for anyone concerned about me getting good coffee in NJ: my parent’s old French press has just been found!  Fp had been totally off my radar until recently, when the Brooklyn-based Konditori opened up a block from my apartment.  I only had access to it for a couple weeks, but that was all it took to get spoiled.

Now this morning’s cup definitely wasn’t up to Kondi-caliber, but it showed promise.  My mom said it had a “chewier” mouthfeel than drip.  I think muddy‘s a better term (as in the weird stain it leaves on the side of the cup).  Either way, ish is thick.  Expect experimentation, and if anyone’s got some good Fp advice, share the wealth!


2 comments on “Pressing News

  1. Jiggy says:

    Not a tip as much as a NB for future evaluation:

    I think the best FP I ever had was at Bibou in Philadelphia. Really excellent grind of superior beans.

    Definitely worth going there for the food and the FP.

  2. Shiksa Lover says:

    Gotta grind it coarse

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