An Ode to Teeth

Blame it on the Vicodin…


An Ode to Teeth

In the ignorance of youth

I may have overlooked the tooth.


Naivety and pride convinced me

They’d be always at my side.

Affixed to bone and hard as stone

They’d function, be it hock or hide.

And yet, this faith I’ve always known

Has, in their absence, been belied.    


My eyes and nose, I’d shower with praise.

My tongue, I’d genuflect for days.

Astounded by their power, I sensed

They held dominion o’er my face.

Yet toothless, these extremities

Will tempt and tease, but cease to please.


It’s true – I’ve learned my gift of taste

Would vanish, less my pearly gates.

So to their Patron Saint, I pray

To let me bite just one more day.

In turn, I’ll never underrate

The magnitude they all convey.


Oh, flashing whites! Oh, gnashing wreath!

My greatest strength, my rock, my teeth!

What pleasures have been put in reach,

What beauty in the gift of speech!

My gratitude I e’er bequeath:

Thanks to you all, thanks to you each!


2 comments on “An Ode to Teeth

  1. Laura says:

    I just LOVE your poetry! Are you published?!

  2. Andy says:

    Just in dental photojournalism.

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