For Cinco de Mayo, the Ideal Meal

It’s Cinco de Mayo and I miss the cooks at my old restaurant. They may have made Italian food for a living, but when things were slow in the kitchen they could whip up some killer Mexican. Today, in honor of my amigos, lunch was inspired by the tastiest comida they ever made: octopus salad.

Veggies y el pulpo.

In the salad:
• canned octopus
• pineapple
• cucumber
• red onion
• jalapeno
• lime
• cilantro

In the beans:
• black beans
• toasted garlic
• jalapeno
• lime

dilluted and delicious

With lunch I had Malta Goya, a Mexican soda I got at the supermarket. It was intense. Imagine a bottle of pure molasses watered down with a couple drops of soda water. But intrigue didn’t end with viscosity – after looking at the ingredients, I saw that the soda was a mix of sugar, malt, and hops! Clearly, Mexicans don’t screw around. I have to admit I was too much of a gringo to drink it straight. No problemo though… the mix of Malta, mineral water, and lime juice totally hit the spot.

What I planned on was imitating some traditional Mexican cooking styles. What I got, miraculously, may be described as my ideal meal. Sweet, spicy, and tangy. The flavors of lime and cilantro. The adventure of off-beat seafood. Plenty of fresh veggies, hearty beans – and to wash it all down, an exotic drink. Definitely a good start to Mayo.



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