Goodbye Pyramid, Hello Plate


More kudos to Michelle Obama.  Last Thursday, she (along with some pals) officially updated the country’s whack food pyramid.  And by updated, I mean completely destroyed… SPOILER ALERT: It’s no longer a pyramid!  Apparently, someone realized Americans don’t approach food triangularly.  Hence, MyPlate!

No doubt we’re off to a better start with this incarnation.  Just think about all the stimuli working to screw with how we see food.  Especially for children, who are beginning to develop lifelong paradigms, it’s important to cut through the noise of harmful messages. Without the needless abstraction of the pyramid, the plate does just that.

Still, not everyone’s happy with MyPlate.  Some attack it from a dietary standpoint, criticizing the campaign for only half-endorsing whole grains and for completely ignoring good fats. Others, aligning themselves with the Slow Food movement, complain that the plate fails to promote what’s local and seasonal.  Some are fine with the message but object to the delivery, saying that the plate functions as a logo but not as an informational chart.

I think there’s something to be said for all of these arguments.  Still, while the plate might not be perfect, it’s for sure an improvement.  Fruits and veggies get way more cred, “meat” gives way to “protein”, and we finally got rid of that awful humanoid cut-out with drill-bit appendages from the last pyramid.  Yikes.

In light of MyPlate, I wanted to show what I had for dinner through Michelle’s eyes, followed by my own.  I have to admit… I still sort of prefer my plate to MyPlate.


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