Fresh Look, Fresh Lemonade

Never-before-heard lemonade stand quote: "Marina! Don't forget the garnish!"

A few matters of business:

1) Welcome to the new! You may have noticed there’s a different look in here…the grainy picture of that faceless mustachioed man has been replaced by the crisp, clean lines of Americana-Andy. For those who didn’t know, the owner of that mysterious mustache was my good friend, Sam. I’m sure his presence will be missed by some.  More style updates should be on the way…

2) If you’re waiting with baited breath for Part 3 of the Corn Futures series, hang in there. It’s coming. Promise.

Okay, now about that lemonade…

For those who’ve never been to Ithaca, it’s a bit different up here.  My girlfriend, who went to school up here, explains it well: “You know the whole organic/local movement that’s really big right now?  Ithaca’s pretty much the capital of it – but they don’t even know its in style. It’s a way of life.”  A case in point is that lemonade from above, which came from the first organic lemonade stand I’ve ever come across.

I didn’t ask for organic certification (should I have?), but I did ask permission to photograph Marina and her brother’s operation.  Cool kids, delicious chocolate chip cookie, organic lemonade.  Not a bad day in Ithaca.

Times they are a changing.


One comment on “Fresh Look, Fresh Lemonade

  1. Laura says:

    I want some of that lemonade!

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