Taco Tuesday

Taken from the Taqueria Zorro website.

I’ve learned a lot of things living on the East coast.  Things like when a Mexican joint hangs a “Taco Tuesday!!!” sign sponsored by Bud Lite, you’re probably taking a gamble on quality.

Last night I took that gamble.  After grabbing a few great beers at the Rogue Public House, I stopped in a narrow little place called Taqueria Zorro.  I ate my tacos in a virtually empty room, plastered with beer posters, neon paint, and streamers.  Tupac droned.  The one other diner – a tough, all-business looking guy – had no actual food in front of him, but sat in the corner, periodically picking his head up from the book he was reading to smile and nod at me.

With this unfamiliar and disconcerting backdrop, I had unquestionably one of the top 3 tacos of my life.  Grilled chicken on homemade corn tortillas with plenty of fresh salsa verde.  I ate ’em quick, though, and made sure not to make eye contact with the reader on the way out.


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